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 Free Samples

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Strategic Planning Workbook

Strategic Planning Workbook

The first three chapters of our flagship ebook. How to develop a strategy using the Strategic Planning Process (SPP)

Strategy Map Templates

Strategy Map Templates

A powerpoint presentation containing a set of useful templates. Use them to structure your strategy maps

Strategic Planning Workshop

How To Run A Strategy Workshop

View the first lesson of our nine-lesson online course – How to run a Strategic Planning Workshop.

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The Academy

What is the Academy?

The Intrafocus Academy has been designed by strategic planners for strategic planners. If you are involved with strategy planning for your organisation, then you will find these resources invaluable. Over many years of providing consulting services and training to its clients, the very best minds at Intrafocus have put together a set of planning resources  to help with every stage of the strategic planning process.

And better still, you can contribute as well. Our blog is open for contributions. If you can provide great advice, guidance or tips, and we will publish your article for our members.



Articles by industry experts and you can provide contributions as well!


A set of e-Books put together by Intrafocus consultants

Tools & Software

Our very own Intrafocus strategic planning tools plus some  recommendations


Presentations and templates to kick start your strategic planning.

From Our Founder

Demystifying Strategic Planning

Strategic planning does not have to be difficult. It is true that developing a new service or product requires some creativity, but that forms as little of 5% of the activity.

The remaining 95% is planning, documenting and implementation, and that is simply a process. Our workbooks, presentations, courses and software provide the tools to manage that process.


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