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The Strategic Planning Workbook and the accompanying template will pay for a year’s subscription to the Academy twice over!

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Strategic Planning Workbook

Strategy Plan Template

Strategic Planning Checklist

How to develop meaningful KPIs

What is a Strategy Map?

Balanced Scorecard RFP

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Strategic Planning Course

Is your strategy succeeding? Do you cover the same ground over and over and never make progress? Did you know that 95% of strategies fail? It’s not because they are bad strategies, but because frequently the strategy fails to transition into implementation. Strategic planning is not an ad hoc activity. It is not an event that occurs every year, resulting in a plan that gathers dust on a shelf. Strategy is a process. If you use the right process, your strategy will succeed. Our course will teach you how to implement the Strategic Planning Process (SPP) based on the balanced scorecard methodology. Follow the process, and embed your strategy into your organisations’ operations and culture. This course alone is worth more than the annual subscription fee.

Accreditation from CPD United Kingdom, Certification Intrafocus SPP



The Strategic Planning Process (SPP) three-day workshop slide pack is included in the subscription. This pack is usually only available to Intrafocus consultants who charge £1,200 per day for the workshop.

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Strategic Planning (SPP) – Day 1

Strategic Planning (SPP) – Day 2

Strategic Planning (SPP) – Day 3

Strategic Plan Template

Strategy Map Templates

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Tools and Software

The Intrafocus strategic plan document generator is a cloud-based software application that will enable you to create your strategic plan easily.

Plus – we provide strategic planning software product reviews on your behalf.

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Strategic Plan generator

Balanced Scorecard Spreadsheet

Spider Impact – Free trial

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